Spring wedding at the Inn on the Twenty, Jordan Niagara

Helena and Andrew could have not chosen a better day to get married. Usually, mid April in Ontario is not the warmest and greenest of times, but this year, due to the unusually warm temperatures, nature came to life sooner than what we are normally used to. What a sight Jordan Niagara was that day! Full of colours, blossoms, exploding with life! I was absolutely delighted for the couple as I knew their imagery would turn soft and dreamy. Very much in line with who they are: artists at heart, people who love and play music. All in all, this ended up being a symphony of delicate soft tones and much love in the air.

The wedding party was a lot of fun, we walked around the Inn on the Twenty and it was not hard at all to find photogenic spots.

Laid back, having fun with each other and enjoying each second of their experience, Helena and Andrew were amazing to work with and be around.


Dear Helena and Andrew, congratulations one more time and hope you have thoroughly enjoyed a romantic time in Paris! Hugs, Manuela.