The adventures of little Owen in England



Traveling is always such fun, but whenever I have the chance to spend quality time with a very dear friend, it all becomes even more special.

Anne and I go a few years back. We met in Toronto and then she moved to England, her home country.

A bit over 4 years ago she had Owen, a lovely little boy I only saw in photographs. Finally meeting him this year was thrilling. We spent a lovely time together in London and then Yorkshire, I got to enjoy his sweet little spirit, we did a lot of fantastic things. One of my favorite activities was the visit to the incredible Kirkstall Abbey (Leeds), a great example of a medieval Cistercian abbey in Britain. Owen loved it there and he ran around the beautiful old walls exploring every corner, playing in the snow and pretending to be the brave defending knight of a plastic, strategically placed kids’ castle.

I still smile to myself looking at the photographs we took, they bring back incredible memories.

I hope to visit again very soon. M







Children photo journals: beautiful siblings

I first met Anastazia and Brent at the end of last year and took some beautiful pregnancy photos on a mild December day.

Toronto pregnancy photography

By the end of January they had a gorgeous little boy, Calvin. He is a great addition to their lovely family and I am sure little brother Martin (who is now a bit over 2 years old) really appreciates his new tiny buddy.
Below are some photos I shot in February when Calvin was only 20 days old. Some of the images truly amaze me as they depict this little person looking straight into my lens with an almost intrigued expression…quite something!
Anastazia and Brent, congratulations one more time on your new addition, may you enjoy each other for a very long time. Hope to see you again in spring! Manuela

Toronto baby photographer 02
Toronto baby photography 02
Toronto newborn photography 03
Toronto baby photography 01
Toronto newborn photography 01
Toronto baby photographer 01

Toronto kids photos 02
Toronto child photography 01
Toronto kids photography 03
Toronto child photographer 01