Hola from Punta Cana, a vibrant Dominican experience

I love being by the ocean. There is something majestic in the way it moves and soothes my soul with its sound. Here in the Dominican, I am already noticing a different quality to the locals: there is a certain innocence that transpires from the way they are and the things they say. Plus, what is really heart warming to notice is their natural way of being and enjoying life. This makes me wonder: is it that the more we move away from simplicity the more our minds wander and make us crave for things we do not have? Maybe the Dominicans hold the secret: appreciating life for what it is and giving every moment the importance it deserves, with no judgment.

I am here with my friend Krista from Verve Photo Co to shoot a wedding at the beautiful Riu Palace Resort. Yesterday we hired a private driver who took us off the beaten path.


Despite the pouring rain, we still managed to capture some heart warming images of a few locals, who were so friendly, kind and welcoming. They invited us inside their homes and I felt truly privileged!






Here are some pictures taken during a stroll on the resort’s beach. Loved the light right before the rain. The colours popped and the setting felt almost surreal.




This scuba diver came ‘out of nowhere’ while I was taking some shots of the boat, adding a surreal element to the already ineffable setting.


I came back with so many photos that I find it difficult to narrow them down. I am trying to keep the post as small as I can, yet at the same time still allowing my images to provide an accurate feel over my experience. Below I am attaching a few photos taken around the beautiful Riu Palace resort, including a few of my lovely friend Krista.




The waiters at the restaurant were the loveliest and most professional people, not to mention beautiful. They soon learned that our favorite drink was what they called ‘Calimucho’, a mix of red wine and Pepsi….yummm!


I will finish this post with a few breathtaking sunset photographs taken the night before we left. I barely touched these images up, just to give you an idea of how vibrant the sky was.