A lovely wedding celebration at The National Club, Toronto

Natalie and Jasper currently live in Amsterdam. She is Canadian, he is Dutch. Together they simply are a lot of fun. It is a pleasure to be around this kind of intoxicating energy. After first meeting with them I knew I was going to have a great time while capturing their day. They decided to celebrate their union at the elegant National Club in Toronto. After the ceremony held at St Paul’s Basilica located downtown Toronto, they traveled to the U of T campus in a gorgeous, jewel like antique Ford booked by Natalie’s parents as a surprise. In spite of the rain threat and the few drops that managed to sneak down from the sky, we had a fantastic time together and everything worked out perfectly well. I could have not asked for more from a creative perspective and it was difficult to narrow down the photos for this blog :)

Natalie and Jasper, I hope to see more of you when you move to Toronto. I wish you a great 2011 and much happiness in your life together! Love, Manuela.








Toronto wedding photos 02

U of T wedding photos 03




U of T wedding photos 01

U of T wedding photos 02

Toronto wedding photos 01

The National Club wedding 02

The National Club wedding 03

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The National Club wedding 04

The National Club wedding 01