A creative photo shoot on frozen lake Rosseau, Muskoka

I love going on mini trips! Winter can sometimes get grey and dry in the city and it only takes a couple of hours of driving for the scenery to change completely, for the snow to be abundant, for the spirit to get comforted at the sight of hills and forests all covered in white. My friend Cheryl and I went up North to Muskoka for a weekend. Almost jokingly and because I really wanted to do a creative winter shoot, I asked her if she would bring her wedding dress along. I was thrilled when she agreed, so all of a sudden my mind started spinning with detailed visions. I wanted to incorporate some colour against the white and of course, red came first (I am sure this is already not very surprising!!). In spite of the super low temperatures (lake Rosseau was snowboarders’ playground!!), Cheryl was amazingly cool and such a good sport, sometimes shivering badly but still being super brave for almost 45 minutes (I am not sure I could have done this!). I hope she will find the images below rewarding enough for her patience with this one demanding friend she has :)

Thank you Cheryl for such a super fun and inspiring weekend!