Sicily: people and places

I am not sure how I can best begin to describe my trip to Sicily. First of all, I can’t quite believe it has been almost a year and I still did not manage to go through all my photos until recently. On the other hand, looking at them one by one was like watching a familiar movie. All the sensations, emotions, thoughts associated with this incredible journey returned offering me the gift of vivid memories.
This is one of the places in the world I know I could live in. Maybe my Latin roots made me connect with the culture to such a high extent. But Sicily is everything Italian taken slower, almost rewinded a few years back in time. People are gentle, love to smile and do not like to speak too fast. They live with an enviable passion for food and land. A connection that is truly remarkable. Such a wonderful reminder of the way each day needs to be looked at, enjoyed, cherished.
Narrowing down the photos to a few was not an easy task. I have been to many places and have seen a lot: moments in people’s lives, culture, scenery. I truly hope the selection below is able to recreate a bit of the Sicilian flavor I was so very lucky to sample.
And I trust it will happen again soon! Enjoy, M.

Marzamemi Sicily 02

Sicily photos 06

Sicily photos 02

Sicily photos 03

Sicily photos 01

Images of Sicily 03

Sicily photos 04

Syracuse Sicily 02

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Syracuse Sicily 03

Children of Sicily 04

Ragusa Sicily 01

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Sicily 04

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Syracuse Sicily 04

Syracuse Sicily 01

Sicily 05

Marzamemi Sicily 01


A fantastic European journey, part 1: Roma

My posts have been absent for a while. I have taken a trip to the old continent I am originally from and have discovered fantastic new places while making lasting connections. I have had the immense pleasure and chance to explore a bit of Sicily and then flew to visit my family in Romania. While coming back to Toronto via Rome I had a 5 hours wait so, in my thirst for more Italian vistas, I decided to take the train into town so I can breath a bit of Roman air. I got off the subway close to Fontana di Trevi which brought back memories from a few years ago when I last visited this charming city. Needless to say how loaded with history and art Rome is. I recall my first experience had such an impact on me as every corner I was turning, a new monument or sculpture would show up in the middle of a quaint piazza. How lovely to truly take so much history in…I did not have a lot of time at all, but I managed to walk around a bit, get some quick street shots and reward myself with a savory panini and a delicious latte. I wish I could stay a bit longer, but whenever this happens I remind myself there is always a next time. And I know for a fact that Italy is waiting for me to come back. I feel refreshed, happy and light after this adventure that reconnected me with my Latin roots.

Images from my Sicilian exploration to follow soon, just wanted to say HI to you all. Hope you are enjoying your summer! M