Sicily: people and places

I am not sure how I can best begin to describe my trip to Sicily. First of all, I can’t quite believe it has been almost a year and I still did not manage to go through all my photos until recently. On the other hand, looking at them one by one was like watching a familiar movie. All the sensations, emotions, thoughts associated with this incredible journey returned offering me the gift of vivid memories.
This is one of the places in the world I know I could live in. Maybe my Latin roots made me connect with the culture to such a high extent. But Sicily is everything Italian taken slower, almost rewinded a few years back in time. People are gentle, love to smile and do not like to speak too fast. They live with an enviable passion for food and land. A connection that is truly remarkable. Such a wonderful reminder of the way each day needs to be looked at, enjoyed, cherished.
Narrowing down the photos to a few was not an easy task. I have been to many places and have seen a lot: moments in people’s lives, culture, scenery. I truly hope the selection below is able to recreate a bit of the Sicilian flavor I was so very lucky to sample.
And I trust it will happen again soon! Enjoy, M.

Marzamemi Sicily 02

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