A wedding at The Hernder Estate Winery

I love the Niagara region. I enjoy looking at vineyards drawing green lines across fields and inducing a sense of calm into the eye. Not to mention how nice it is when ripe grapes hang in colourful bunches releasing an intoxicating aroma. Jenn and Ben chose such a setting for their intimate wedding. It was the first time for me to shoot at the Hernder Estate and all I can say is that I hope I can go back next season for more! There is a sense of calm and peace surrounding the Estate, an abundance of photogenic spots, so much to take in and process! When the couple first mentioned this superb location, I got super excited just by looking at the photos on the website. When I got there, everything was even better than I could have envisioned, it felt like a playground with surprises around each corner.

Having said all this, it is quite easy to imagine how my day has been. Simply one good moment preceding an even better one. In spite of the rain and the fact that the ceremony could not be held outside as per the original plan, the skies seemed to calm down soon after and we still managed to go outside in beautiful, gentle light when all colours pop.

Dear Jenn and Ben, hope you will enjoy looking at the images below, many more will follow! Big hug, Manuela.

Hernder Estate01

Hernder Estate 02

Hernder Estate 03

Hernder Estate 05

Hernder Estate 08

Hernder Estate 06

Hernder Estates wedding 07

Hernder Estate 07

Hernder Estate 10

Hernder Estate 09

Hernder Estate 04

Hernder Estate 12

Hernder Estate 11

Hernder Estate 13 copy

Hernder Estate 14

Hernder Estate 15

Hernder Estate 16