Family photography in Toronto

I love creating unique, playful visual records of family life. I adore capturing children’s innocence. Letting them be, so their beautiful souls can reveal themselves effortlessly. What a joy to be around them!

Elina is a wonderful 2 yrs old little girl. I loved spending time with her, following her around, watching her play. At the end, I felt rejuvenated. Not to mention how amazing it was to get a big hug from her…a gesture that warmed me up inside and reminded me of how fortunate I am for the chance of telling such lovely stories.

Many thanks to Elina’s parents Deepeka and Karna for allowing me to be around their gorgeous, young family.
They are expecting, so I am sure little Elina will have a lot of fun with her new sibling in just a few months.

E&D&K: hope to see you again soon! Best, Manuela.

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Toronto family photography

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Toronto child photographer

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An adorable baby girl: 11 months old Lyla

As a photographer, I have the privilege to capture beautiful life stories. Many times my wedding clients call me to let me know that they are expecting their first child. It is fantastic to see families grow and have the opportunity to create visual journals for them to enjoy for a lifetime.
Mona and Emon had a fabulous destination wedding 3 years ago. After having spent a week with them in Punta Cana, our connection has developed and we have remained in touch. It was with great joy to find out that they had a beautiful baby girl they named Lyla.
I recently met Mona so we could catch up with each other’s lives while sipping cold drinks on a patio. Baby Lyla was a delight to have with us: happy, playful, all smiles! She even attempted to do a little Persian dance for me, under her mommy’s  choreographic supervision.
I will let these images speak for themselves. I look forward to seeing Lyla again soon and capture some more memories for her and her lovely family.

Hugs, Manuela.


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Baby photos Toronto

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Toronto baby photographer

Toronto baby photography





Baby photography with 6 months old Lily

Hanna and Matthew had a gorgeous wedding in the summer of 2011. A bit over two years later, baby Lily was born.
It is always an immense pleasure to see my clients’ families grow and a true privilege to be there for them and capture their beautiful life stories. I was thrilled when Lily’s parents contacted me to give me their news and book a photo session.
Meeting baby Lily was a lot of fun. She is a gorgeous red headed girl with a wonderful personality. Her face lights up when she smiles and she is a joy to have in front of the lens.

Hanna & Matthew: congratulations again on your new, lovely family. Enjoy each other for many years to come and hope to see you again soon! Hugs, Manuela.

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Toronto baby photography

Toronto baby photographer

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Toronto family photography



Happy 2 months to sweet baby Ada!


Toronto maternity photography

Last time I saw baby Ada, she was in her mommy’s belly. I had the chance to meet her and decided to put a few photos together quickly, given she just turned 2 months old today!

I wanted to take this opportunity to wish her many beautiful months and years ahead and congratulate her dear parents, Nupur and Mervin, for having brought such a healthy beauty into the world.

See you all soon, big hug! M

Toronto newborn photography

Toronto newborn photograher

Baby photography

Toronto baby photographer

Newborn photography

Newborn photos






The adventures of little Owen in England



Traveling is always such fun, but whenever I have the chance to spend quality time with a very dear friend, it all becomes even more special.

Anne and I go a few years back. We met in Toronto and then she moved to England, her home country.

A bit over 4 years ago she had Owen, a lovely little boy I only saw in photographs. Finally meeting him this year was thrilling. We spent a lovely time together in London and then Yorkshire, I got to enjoy his sweet little spirit, we did a lot of fantastic things. One of my favorite activities was the visit to the incredible Kirkstall Abbey (Leeds), a great example of a medieval Cistercian abbey in Britain. Owen loved it there and he ran around the beautiful old walls exploring every corner, playing in the snow and pretending to be the brave defending knight of a plastic, strategically placed kids’ castle.

I still smile to myself looking at the photographs we took, they bring back incredible memories.

I hope to visit again very soon. M







Baby photography journals: Carla and Freddy

When baby Carla and Freddy’s mom contacted me, she mentioned she wanted a particular style of baby photography for her children: very candid. After seeing samples of my work, she thought I had what she was looking for. With the exception of a few shots where I placed baby Carla on a plate (a place a little person may not necessarily choose for an afternoon nap), I let moments unfold and played along. It is amazing how responsive kids are when not asked to do specific things and when they simply are. As I found out, Freddy does not like to smile at cameras, he does not like to pose. But he did not have to, he was simply his adorable self running around, hiding or proudly fixing things with his screwdriver.

Aleks, thank you for the opportunity to meet your family and to spend some great moments in your lovely home!