A wedding infused with colours and tradition

A few years ago I went on a lovely hike leading to a cedar making farm. On the way there, to my great surprise, we passed through the lovely grounds of Eaton Hall. At the time I did not know this little castle like property existed. Nor did I have any idea that, years later, I would get to photograph a lovely wedding right there. Needless to say how excited I was when Tiffany and Chris told me this was their chosen location for the wedding ceremony. Having done their engagement photo shoot back in May offered me the chance to knowing them better. Looking at the images we got I simply knew we were going to have some fun on their big day. I could have not asked for better weather, more picturesque surroundings and nicer subjects. The two of them have truly enjoyed themselves, along with all their close friends and lovely family members.

Tiffany and Chris, I hope this vibrant record of your day is something you will cherish for years to come and that you will both keep on recalling the lovely celebrations on a great August day! Best to you in your life together! Hugs, Manuela & Co.

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