Maternity photos in Toronto with beautiful Sherry

Photographing expecting women is truly very special and humbling. There is a particular energy around a first time mother, a sense of initiation into the realm of a different kind of love. The body is wrapped in so much mystery, anticipation, excitement, emotion.
Even though I did not have the pleasure to meet her until the shoot, Sherry is no stranger. I have photographed her husband’s brother’s wedding and growing family and was very pleased when she contacted me. We connected easily while sharing such an amazing moment in time. Due very soon, she looked gorgeous and glowing.
Sherry and Richard, I look forward to meeting your baby girl, big congratulations and all the very best!

Maternity photographer Toronto

Toronto maternity photos

Maternity photography Toronto

Maternity photos

Toronto maternity photographer

Maternity photos Toronto

Urban maternity photography

Maternity photographer


Winter maternity photo shoot

I love it whenever I have a chance to capture such a special moment in someone’s life. It is a true privilege to share the anticipation, excitement, emotion.

These photo sessions are very unique, as there is a special kind of intimacy that develops between my client and I. We spend a quiet, peaceful time together when there is no much need for words, just tapping into a very special kind of energy. Which can be felt around the subject each and every single time. I love such gentle moments in time, when I am inspired by the new shape the human body takes, by the transformation, by life.

Debbie and Jeff, congratulations and I look forward to meeting the little one soon! Hugs, Manuela


Toronto maternity photographer

Toronto maternity photography

Maternity photos

Maternity photography Toronto

Maternity photography

Maternity photos in the snow

Winter maternity photos

Outdoor maternity photos





Downtown Toronto maternity photos with Nupur

Nupur is due in August. She is expecting a baby girl and I will have the great pleasure to meet and photograph her. By the time we took these images, mommy was 7 months pregnant. We seemed to have chosen a great time for the shoot, we lucked out on weather and we simply took a casual stroll through the downtown core while playing with the camera. Both Nupur and her husband, Mervin, were so much fun to be around.

I look forward to spending some great time with them in a little while, when their new addition decides to arrive. Keeping my fingers crossed! Manuela

Toronto maternity photograper

Downtown Toronto maternity photography

Maternity photography

Toronto maternity photos

Downtown Toronto maternity photos

Toronto maternity photography

Downtown Toronto maternity photo




Maternity photo journals: beautiful Reyhaneh

A bit over a year ago, my dear friends Reyhaneh and Will were celebrating their union in marriage at the dreamy Riu Palace in Los Cabos. Not to mention the fantastic ‘trash the dress’ photo adventure that followed the next day in the midst of which our connection got cemented further. We have experienced so much together that even to this day we like to talk about it and recall such unbelievably fun times.

It was with much excitement and joy that I found out they were going to be parents. And that is happening very soon and I look forward to meeting their little addition. Meanwhile, we went for some belly photos and we had another share of nice moments together. Reyhaneh is simply stunning as a mama to be and I am super thrilled to have captured some of these memories for them.

R+W: I started the countdown and I am waiting for the big announcement. More visual stories to be written! Love, Manny.

Toronto maternity photographer 01

Toronto pregnancy photography 02

Toronto maternity photography 01

Toronto pregnancy photos 01

Toronto pregnancy photographer 01

Toronto maternity photos 01

Pregnancy photos Toronto 01

Maternity photos Toronto 01

Maternity photography 01

Maternity photographer 01


Children photo journals: beautiful siblings

I first met Anastazia and Brent at the end of last year and took some beautiful pregnancy photos on a mild December day.

Toronto pregnancy photography

By the end of January they had a gorgeous little boy, Calvin. He is a great addition to their lovely family and I am sure little brother Martin (who is now a bit over 2 years old) really appreciates his new tiny buddy.
Below are some photos I shot in February when Calvin was only 20 days old. Some of the images truly amaze me as they depict this little person looking straight into my lens with an almost intrigued expression…quite something!
Anastazia and Brent, congratulations one more time on your new addition, may you enjoy each other for a very long time. Hope to see you again in spring! Manuela

Toronto baby photographer 02
Toronto baby photography 02
Toronto newborn photography 03
Toronto baby photography 01
Toronto newborn photography 01
Toronto baby photographer 01

Toronto kids photos 02
Toronto child photography 01
Toronto kids photography 03
Toronto child photographer 01


Maternity photos with gorgeous Heather

I first met Heather and Christian in 2008 when I photographed their beautiful wedding. Since, we have got together for a super fun ‘trash the dress’ shoot in the fall of last year to celebrate their first anniversary creatively :). I was so excited when they announced they were going to have a baby! I feel privileged to have spent so many fantastic, significant moments with these two. It makes my work so much more fulfilling. While I was putting this blog together, Christian kindly emailed me to let me know their little boy Nolan Patrick made it into this world on Sunday November 21st. Even though Heather was due beginning of December, I guess the little one really insisted on being a Scorpio! Very strong sign for a boy, he will much accomplish in his life, as he will employ ‘great magnetic power’ (the zodiac says) :)

Heather and Christian, needless to say how happy I am to know you and want to warmly congratulate you on your lovely addition! May the three of you enjoy each other for a very long time in joy and health! I very much look forward to meeting baby Nolan soon! Love, Manuela