Dancer in the snow

Once in a while our boundaries are stretched. When this happens creatively, an artist could not wish for more. When Kristina contacted me for a special dance shoot, I did not really know what shape and form this experience was going to take. After our first chat, I started getting visions…of nature…snow…and ultimately, horses (hmmm…are you surprised???).
Kristina seemed really taken with the idea and, whatever seemed a bit impossible a few weeks ago, came to life one beautiful snowy day.
One thing led to another and I was impeccably guided to the right place: the fabulous Whinny Acres. Debbie, the owner, generously offered the property and horses to us and we just played…and played…until Kristina could not feel her feet anymore. Luckily, we had a little warm hut to go in and out of, so my model could graciously stand in front of the camera for a few minutes each time. Well…needless to say it was all worthwhile. We drove back home talking about every second of our adventure while being amazed and grateful for how it has unfolded for us. A serendipitous creative journey!

Kristina: may these photographs bring smiles on your face every time you look at them.

Debbie @ Whinny Acres: thank you…and hope to visit again soon!

Merry Christmas!!! Yours, Manuela.

Dancer in the snow

Dancer in winter

Dance photographer Toronto

Toronto dance photography

Dance photography in winter

Creative dance photography

Creative dance photographer

Creative equine photography

Toronto creative dance photography

Dancer and horse photo

Dancer and horse photography



On the way to Collingwood

On the occasion of posting Cayley and Ian’s beautiful engagement photos we took in Collingwood, I mentioned I would share some of the great images I was lucky enough to capture while driving there and back. On the way to Toronto I somehow managed to lose Highway 26 which proved to be a blessing in the end as I stumbled across some superb landscape under moody skies. But my best treat was finding some horse farms and getting close to these animals so dear to me. I simply love their grace and high intelligence.
Enjoy! M

Collingwood photos 01

Collingwood photos 02

Collingwood photos 03

Collingwood photos 04

Collingwood photos 05

Collingwood photos 06

Collingwood photos 07

Collingwood photos 08

Collingwood photos 09