Engagement photos at Toronto’s Harbourfront

These wonderful people are getting married at the end of the month. We met a few weeks ago to do an engagement shoot in the Harbourfront area. Fun, relaxed, just the way I like it.

I am always very inspired when around such energy. Claudia and Thomas are a beautiful young couple with a lot to say to each other and to my camera. I am sure the photos below make this statement quite obvious. I am grateful to have crossed paths with them and I look forward to the opportunity to spending more time together on their big day.

Hugs to both, M.











Colourful engagement photos at Toronto’s Hart House

Helena and Andrew just got married. Before I post about what was simply a fantastic day, I would like to stick to chronology for now and talk a bit about my experience with them at Toronto’s Hart House. This place is always a pleasure to revisit. And I seem to do so quite often. I am beginning to feel it really is turning into one of my favorite playgrounds, given it is right in my neighbourhood. It has a deep significance to me on many levels, but so it does for this wonderful couple brought together by music. Yes, aside from their successful careers, they both like to play: Helena-cello and Andrew-violin. Their love story began in an orchestra at the U of T. Can’t think of anything more romantic than that. Two people united by their shared passion for beautiful sound. Clearly meant to be. They chose the premises as the gothic grounds are wrapped in so many of these couple’s memories. Of course I was excited to follow. On a very cold March day, Helena showed up in a dreamy green dress, going very well with her elegant, suave nature. Not to say: the green popped in each and every photograph taken. The two were playful, natural, a dream to capture!


Helena and Andrew, hope you are enjoying a lovely honeymoon in Paris and, by the time you return, your wedding photos will be on display! Congratulations and have lots of fun! Hugs, Manuela.





Kelly and Jordan’s photo farm adventure

Kelley and Jordan are getting married next January. We all hope for some snow so we can get winter flavored photos. To add some contrast to their photographic memories they decided to do their engagement photos at Jordan’s parents’ farm close to Bancroft. I still can’t believe how that September day had turned out. On the way there I have driven in torrential rain, barely seeing ahead. The forecast was not very encouraging, yet there was a faint chance that there could be a little break in the gloomy weather in the afternoon. The moment I parked the car at the farm, I could feel only a few drops here and there and then not only it all stopped magically, but the sun came out to the point where it was quite hard to bare! Regardless, we had so much fun exploring the 100 something acres with tons to see and enjoy! It felt like a little trip within a trip :) A few kilometers into my drive back to the city the skies closed again, it got really dark and the rain started coming down in the same manner as early in morning. I smiled and I felt so grateful towards the bearded people up in the sky who have orchestrated everything to perfection :)

Kelley and Jordan, I look forward to having more fun together in the New Year! Hugs, Manuela.

Farm engagement photo shoot 01

Engagement photos 01

Engagement photos at a farm 01

Fall engagement photos 01

Farm engagement photos 01

Engagement photography 01

Couple and horses 01

Fall engagement photo session 01

Fall farm engagement photos 01

Toronto engagement photography 01

Toronto engagement photographer 01

Toronto engagement photos


Engagement photo journals: around the Scarborough Bluffs

It is so nice whenever I have the chance to spend some quality time with my couples before their big day. And there is no better way to do it than meeting for a creative engagement or pre wedding photo shoot. We get to chat, it is all very casual and relaxed and basically we build a much needed level of comfort and mutual understanding which makes everything easier later on.

There are many things that I like about Olivia and Louis and one of them is their passion for travel. I can’t believe how many places these two have already visited together. Not to mention I asked them what their chosen honeymoon destination was and I was blown away: Jordan! Wow, how very adventurous of them!
I admire their desire to explore and learn which taps into who I really am and what I love to do.

Dear Olivia and Louis, hope the images below will remind you of such a fun, relaxed evening spent together at the Bluffs.
Look forward to seeing you at your wedding soon! Hugs, Manuela.

Engagement photos at Scarborough Bluffs 01

Scarborough Bluffs photos 01

Scarborough Bluffs engagement photos 01

Scarborough Bluffs creative photos 01

Toronto engagement photography 01

Scarborough Bluffs engagement photos 02

Toronto engagement photos 01

Toronto beach photos 01

Toronto beach engagement photos 01

Toronto engagement photographer 01

Toronto creative beach photos 01


Engagement photo journals: Toronto downtown fun

Hanna and Matt are a fun loving, modern couple with a taste for Toronto’s urban landscape. They are also very fashionable and I could tell right away they would photograph extremely well. I simply loved their choice of colours for our downtown shoot. Hanna looked vibrant in her beautiful blue dress while Matt complemented her so well with his muted blue and grey tones he chose for his own outfit. We walked around King street and stopped in some of the most suitable spots for this image collection. We aimed for a bit of nature, textures and lots of colours, while also stumbling upon some unexpected rugged, super photogenic corners.
Hanna and Matt, hope you will smile while recalling our adventure through the photos below. I look forward to seeing you at your wedding soon!
Hugs, Manuela.





Toronto engagement photography 01

Toronto engagement photos 03

Downtown Toronto engagement photos 01

Toronto engagement photos 02

Toronto downtown photos 01

Toronto engagement photographer 01


Engagement photo journals: more of Toronto’s Harbourfront

I said this before: each spot in Toronto has its unique character and it does not matter how many times one goes back to certain areas, there is always more to find and explore. This is the case with Toronto’s colourful Harbourfront. On each occasion I return there I discover more angles and I find the personality of the couple I photograph always inspires me differently.
Lisa and Mike are a lot of fun. From day 1 I was fascinated with their backgrounds: a lovely mix of European/ Asian on both sides which gives them such beautiful features. They are lovely, playful, easy going, relaxed and I very much look forward to attending their nuptials at the end of August.
Until then, enjoy this record of a spontaneity filled evening we have recently spent together. More to come! M

Toronto Harbourfront engagement photos 06

Toronto Harbourfront photos 05

Toronto Harbourfront 01

Toronto Harbourfront engagement photos 03

Toronto Harbourfront engagement photos 01

Toronto Harbourfront photos 03

Toronto Harbourfront photos 01

Toronto Harbourfront engagement photos 04

Toronto Harbourfront photos 02

Toronto Harbourfront engagement photos 02

Toronto Harbourfront photos 04

Toronto Harbourfront engagement 06

Toronto Harbourfront engagement photos 05


Toronto engagement journals: fun and colour at Toronto Island

I have lots to catch up on as I have been quite absent from the blogging scene and not only…but for good and exciting reasons, as I have traveled to Europe and have thoroughly enjoyed myself. Taking photos but also spending time with family and some of my fantastic friends.
So here I am, all refreshed and energized now that the wedding season begins at full speed…

Back in May, Lindsay, Jeff and I decided to go to Toronto’s Wards island for some summery engagement photos. That day, the lines at the ticket booths were atrocious…so we missed the boat going to Wards. We decided to catch the first one for Centre Island and then walk over. We even said this may happen for a reason…and it surely did. While on the ferry we chatted about some wedding details and that’s when I found out Lindsay and Jeff’s theme will be ‘peacock’…how intriguing! Right away I tried to remember if I had any peacock images in my collection…I recalled having taken some in Nova Scotia, but the bird was behind a fence and I did not quite like that…
Anyways, our stop over on Centre Island proved to be much more fun and surprise filled than we could have expected. We found so many colourful spots, nice little forests, red barns…and just when we least expected, a beautiful peacock with tail fully spread! What a delight to watch and photograph! How exciting to witness such magic happen in front of our eyes and right away I knew we got the cover shot for the guest signing book! Very ‘coincidental’! Well, we know there is no such thing. And this little story is the best proof for it.

Lindsay and Jeff, I hope your wedding day and your life together following it will be filled with lots of such moments when time literally stops and magic takes over.
Our little island adventure was quite memorable, enjoy this vibrant record of it!
Hugs, Manuela

Central Island Toronto engagement photos 03

Central Island engagement photos 01

Central island engagement photos 09

Central island Toronto engagement photos 10

Toronto island engagement photos 01

Toronto island engagement photos 02

Toronto Central Island engagement photos 01

Central Island Toronto engagement photos 02

Toronto Central island photos 01

Central Island Toronto photos 02

Toronto Central Island engagement photos 04

Central Island Toronto engagement photos 01

Toronto Central Island engagement photos 02


Engagement photo journals: Osgoode Hall Toronto

Tiffany and Chris were born and raised on Toronto and have a deep appreciation for their city and its history. After finishing school, Chris started to work for the Ontario Court of Appeal located in the historical Osgoode Hall. He was therefore very excited about the possibility of taking some photos inside this stunning building. After getting a special permission we all went inside on a quiet Saturday afternoon and I was simply amazed! This beautiful structure reminded me of many museums I have seen in Europe with unique architectural elements. The heritage courtrooms are from the late 1800s. My eye was particularly drawn by the superb stained glass work, mosaic floors and impressive columns. What a place to be!
We also stepped outside in the gardens for a bit and, in spite of the rain, we still managed to enjoy the fresh spring colours around which are always very welcome in photos!
Tiffany and Chris, enjoy these images and I look forward to seeing you in August for more creative fun! Manuela

Engagement photos at Osgoode Hall 01

Engagement photos at Osgoode Hall 02

Osgoode Hall engagement photos 02

Osgoods Hall engagement photos 03

Osgoode Hall engagement photos 11

Osgoodle Hall engament photos 10

Engagement photo shoot at Osgoode Hall 01

Toronto engagement photos 01

Osgoode Hall engagement photos 04

Osgoode Hall engagement photos 06

Osgoode Hall engagement photos 05

Engagement photos shoot at Osgoode Hall 03


Engagement photo journals: Japanese cherry blossoms

I can’t believe how fast time goes by…if feels like yesterday that I attended Anita and Richard’s engagement party at the fabulous Avani Restaurant…I recall how super cold and snowy that February day was. And here we are now, surrounded by blossoms, with everything around coming back to life (finally!!) in an explosion of colours! Anita and I have been keeping an eager eye on the Japanese cherry trees of High Park and they have been so slow this year…but finally made it! We lucked out with the weather as we found such a nice window in between gloomy and cool days. Going through the images we shot has brought a smile on my face as everything looks almost fairy tale-ish at times. I loved Anita’s summer dress blowing in the soft wind and making it all look so dreamy and romantic!
Anita and Richard share great energy when they are together. We have had a strong connection from our first consultation and I feel grateful to know them.
I very much look forward to their summer wedding celebrations which will be filled with even more colours, textures and oh yes…the lovely Indian flavours I am so hooked to! :)

Cherry blossoms engagement photos 01

Cherry blossoms High Park 01

Japanese cherry trees High Park 01

High Park engagement photos 06

High Park engagement 04

Cherry blossoms engagement photos 02

High Park engagement photos 01

High Park engagement photos 03

High Park engagement photos 02

High Park engagement photos 05

High Park Toronto engagement photos 01

High Park Toronto engagement photos 02


An Indian flavored engagement party at the Avani Restaurant

Anita and Richard pleasantly surprised me when they mentioned the chosen location for their engagement party. I have previously photographed the savory dishes at the fantastic Avani Restaurant Bistro while sampling some of their mouth watering food. The chefs there are true artists and have a high ability to mix flavors with delightful results. Their menu is a creative blend of South Asian tastes.
I highly recommend the culinary experience!
Being there one more time for this lovely couple felt like coming back to see friends.
There was a small ceremony for Anita and Richard with welcoming gifts from family members on both sides.
More colourful celebrations to come this summer. I very much look forward to partaking and capturing while surely having lots of fun!

Avani restaurant bistro 01

Avani restaurant bistro 02

Toronto engagement party 02

Toronto engagements 01

Toronto engagement party 01

Avani restaurant engagement part 03

Avani restaurant engagegement party 05

Avani restaurant engagement party 03

Avani restaurant engagement party 04

Avani restaurant engagement party 02

Avani restaurant engagement party 05

Avani restaurant engagement party 01

Engagement party Toronto 03

Avani restaurant engagement party 06