Engagement photos at Toronto’s Harbourfront

These wonderful people are getting married at the end of the month. We met a few weeks ago to do an engagement shoot in the Harbourfront area. Fun, relaxed, just the way I like it.

I am always very inspired when around such energy. Claudia and Thomas are a beautiful young couple with a lot to say to each other and to my camera. I am sure the photos below make this statement quite obvious. I am grateful to have crossed paths with them and I look forward to the opportunity to spending more time together on their big day.

Hugs to both, M.











A day in the life of Mary-Ann and little Dudley


A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure to spend some time with lovely Mary-Ann and her cute little companion Dudley, a Coton de Tulear from Madagascar.

I showed up at their home with no particular agenda other than capturing a few moments from their day. I was immediately inspired by the elegance of Mary-Ann’s interior, a beautifully decorated space literally inundated with natural light: the best studio setup ever.

Each room had a different colour, it was amazing to play around and find exciting shooting opportunities in every corner. Not to mention Mary-Ann’s exquisite collection of hats which inspired both of us to go for an impromptu fashion shoot, while giving little Dudley a well deserved break. This little creature has been so easy to capture through my lens, as he seemed at ease and enjoying himself in the process. We let him be, he even napped for a few minutes and then we took him to a little park nearby. He ran in the grass and displayed a series of cute little jumps rewarded, of course, by tasty treats.


Mary-Ann, thank you for offering me a glimpse into your life, I hope the series below will always bring a smile on your face.


Best, Manuela.

















Trash the dress near the Grand Palladium resort, Jamaica


Destination weddings are a lot of fun to begin with but the experience feels even more rewarding whenever it is followed by a shoot that is more relaxed, laid back, casual: the so called ‘trash the dress’ photo session that usually does not have much to do with spoiling the dress. Even though many times brides choose to go into the ocean with their gown, nothing really happens to it. It can still be kept in its original shape.

Shivani opted to wear a light summer dress, very appropriate for the beach. That was a great idea considering the elaborate outfits she wore the day of. It was perfect for the purpose of our little creative adventure and she did not have to worry about anything.

By the time we made it to the beach the sun was already going down but we still had a little time to play. The beautiful cove had so much to offer: plenty of colourful backdrops, boats, a wonderful beach with super warm water. I think we were quite able to take advantage of all this while fully enjoying ourselves in the process.

The result: another lovely series to be used as a forever reminder of a good time shared with some fantastic people. Enjoy!