Beautiful Indian wedding at the Grand Palladium, Jamaica


While sitting in front of my computer and looking at Shivani and Nimesh’s wedding photos, a song popped into my head:

Shirley Bassey’s “Where do I begin”…

This is exactly how I felt while looking at the images that vividly brought back the amazing experience I have had while at the Grand Palladium in Jamaica: a story about love, sea, dreamy beaches with red trees and a gorgeous couple that got united in marriage through the most incredible Hindu ceremony I have witnessed. Considering we were miles away from home and everything had to be flown down, I truly admired the dedication for having had all the symbolic elements essential to such a rich ritual in place.

The space looked almost like a temple with its white columns washed by the great light coming through. In spite of the heat, the humidity and I am sure, the difficulty to wear such intricate outfits, everything took place flawlessly and was a joy to watch.

While wishing for some afternoon clouds (which seemed to come in every day almost at the same time) and luckily not having any rain, the wedding party and I went to the beach and waited for the sun to hide. And it did. Almost at command.

After a nice little break we all met again at the reception. The chosen restaurant, with a beautiful sea and sky view, has demonstrated one more time how skilled the Jamaican cooks really are: they came up with a beautiful series of Indian dishes deliciously flavored.

The super entertaining DJs played some great tunes and the bartenders poured drinks while displaying impressive moves themselves.

All in all, after getting into the groove, the happy crowd rocked the venue. Ya Man!


Dear Shivani and Nimesh, thank you for making me a part of a very unique experience that will stay in my memory for a long time and big Congrats to you!


Gratefully, Manuela