A stylish wedding at the Four Seasons resort, Scottsdale AZ

One of my very best experiences so far has been traveling to beautiful Arizona to capture Michelle and Stephen’s wedding events. Their celebrations started with a Western style rehearsal dinner at the quaint Pinnacle Peak patio in Scottsdale. I really felt like I stepped back in time, I would have not been too surprised if John Wayne himself suddenly crashed some of the local bar’s doors open, jumped on his horse and rode into the beautiful sunset :) Great party, fun crowd, tasty food and extremely friendly staff! Next day we continued on at the super elegant Four Seasons resort. Despite the super hot day, we enjoyed an impeccably blue sky and the sun shining over the perfectly kept patches of dessert surrounding the resort. I do not think I could have asked for more in terms of photo taking opportunities. The ceremony took place while the sun was setting behind the mountain creating a surreal, romantic atmosphere and casting a fabulous light. Cocktails followed and shortly after the party started. Michelle, Stephen and their guests danced away, almost non stop, throughout the night. I will never forget the vibe in the room once the High Energy tune began…I can still hear and see it all :)


Dear Michelle and Steve, thank you for the amazing opportunity of having spent some great days in one of the most beautiful corners of the world. I had a blast traveling around and discovering such majestic landscape! May you live happily together, enjoy each moment and hope to see you again in NYC soon and have more fun together! Hugs, Manuela.


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Rehearsal dinner at Pinnacle Peak Scottsdale 01

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Four Seasons Scottsdale wedding 02

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Outdoor wedding ceremony at Four Seasons Scottdale

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Wedding reception at Four Seasons Scottsdale 01


Elegant Wedding magazine feature

Happy 2012, may this year bring only joy, health and prosperity to all!

I am excited to let everyone know that the January 2012 edition of the Elegant Wedding magazine is now out. Just a day after I returned from Europe the courier came and delivered a bunch of these wonderfully creative books. I was thrilled with the quality. If anyone is interested, I would be happy to provide copies so please just email me.

I am also super pleased with Mona and Emon’s beautiful destination wedding being featured. It truly looks fantastic! So does my new ad!

A big thank you to Elegant Wedding’s creative team!

Elegant Wedding feature