A vibrant and stylish wedding at the Inn on the Twenty

Needless to say that I always enjoy myself whenever I go back to photograph weddings at the quaint Inn on the Twenty in Jordan, Niagara. I was therefore super happy when Julie and Louis told me this was their choice of a wedding venue. I recall sitting down with them and connecting over topics like travel, finding the best place to live in, etc which made me feel like we almost knew each other prior…so interesting to have such moments happen. Even more reassuring for the shared experiences to follow. We had an amazing engagement photo session at the Beaches (I will post it soon, I am slightly behind with my blogging) and an even more beautiful wedding day together. Even though the sun was harsh and no clouds seemed to want to appear, we worked with it and ended up having fun around one of my most favorite spots: Cave Springs.
After that we continued on at the Inn with Julie and Louis amazing family members and friends.

Dear Julie and Louis, hope you will always recall the sunshine on your day and will hold it in your hearts forever! Best, Manuela.

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Lindsay and Jeff’s August Toronto wedding

I am running a bit behind with my blogs…this is the price I have to pay for traveling around :)

Lindsay and Jeff’s summer wedding was elegant, chique and fun. Here are some of their engagement photos from Toronto Island.
I chose a few of my wedding faves below, enjoy!

Congratulations to another beautiful couple! Manuela

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Toronto wedding photography 01

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A wedding infused with colours and tradition

A few years ago I went on a lovely hike leading to a cedar making farm. On the way there, to my great surprise, we passed through the lovely grounds of Eaton Hall. At the time I did not know this little castle like property existed. Nor did I have any idea that, years later, I would get to photograph a lovely wedding right there. Needless to say how excited I was when Tiffany and Chris told me this was their chosen location for the wedding ceremony. Having done their engagement photo shoot back in May offered me the chance to knowing them better. Looking at the images we got I simply knew we were going to have some fun on their big day. I could have not asked for better weather, more picturesque surroundings and nicer subjects. The two of them have truly enjoyed themselves, along with all their close friends and lovely family members.

Tiffany and Chris, I hope this vibrant record of your day is something you will cherish for years to come and that you will both keep on recalling the lovely celebrations on a great August day! Best to you in your life together! Hugs, Manuela & Co.

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Purple wedding shoes

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Kristen and Frank’s wedding at the Old Mill, Ancaster

Back in August I returned to the Old Mill in Ancaster, this time for Kristen and Frank’s wedding. It is interesting how each couple brings their own personality into a spot. Every wedding I have photographed there had a different flavor. The only thing I am thrilled to see as a constant is Reverend McNally’s beautiful ceremony. There is something so different about this gentleman, a certain passion and for sure, an ability to deliver the same love filled words to each couple. I have not quite seen anyone blessing the rings the same way he does. He is now retired but still loves doing his job and I have to say, he does it equally well each time. A joy to witness!

I loved the fresh colours this wedding has displayed. Starting with Kristen’s fantastic Poetic License shoes that had “I DO” crafted on their soles! And, even though it has rained during the ceremony (Kristen was very well prepared for that with cool umbrellas and funky rubber boots), the spirits have been up for the entire time. And maybe just because of this, the torrential rain has stopped right in time for some fun photos. How amazing is that??!

Kristen and Frank, thank you for having made us a part of your great celebrations, enjoy each other’s company for many many years to come and hope the rain on your day will only mean good luck and abundance. Big hug, Manuela

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Wedding party at Ancaster Old Mill

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