Shaun and Patrick’s elegant black and white wedding

We were having dinner one night last year when Shaun and Patrick announced their intention to get married in 2011. They were still looking for a date and, as we were chatting, 9.10.11 came up as a nice combination. So they stuck to it and not only that, but I was even more excited when they asked me if I could capture their day. Very early into the planning they knew they would love to have a black and white, stylish party somewhere outside, ideally by the water. With the TIFF on during September and with many venues already booked, an amazing opportunity came up. Their good friends Nicolle and Dan offered to host the celebrations at their cottage, just outside of Bobcaygeon. What can I begin with? First of all, I arrived there the day before the wedding. I was able to witness all the preparations and I have to say, I was blown away by the way Nicolle and Dan had turned there already beautiful place into a festive, intimate, candle lit
lounge-like wedding spot. Simply amazing. Nicolle also made the cake for Shaun and Patrick and even ordered the topper all the way from London UK, as she could not find something similar around here. Fun!
Shaun and Patrick got ready at a cute little resort called MacArthurs (right across the lake) so Dan brought them in a little boat for the ceremony, to the surprise and delight of their guests impatiently waiting on top of the boat house. I have to say, that moment only was exhilarating.
The party was super vibrant, with fantastic home made food, great music and high spirited attendants. The night ended with Dan’s fireworks and a great bonfire.

Shaun and Patrick, may you always hug each other throughout your new life together with the same passion and love you did during your first dance. Congratulations, love you! Manuela

MacArthurs Caygeon resort 01

MacArthurs Caygeon wedding 02

MacArthurs Caygeon wedding 01

Toronto gay wedding photography 01

Shaun Proulx wedding 01

Toronto gay wedding photos 01

Gay wedding photos 01

Shaun Proulx and Patrick Marano 01

Shaun Proulx and Patrick Marano wedding 11

Gay wedding photography 01

Shaun Proulx and Patrick Marano wedding 02

Shaun Proulx and Patrick Marano wedding 03

Gay wedding photographer 01

Shaun Proulx and Patrick Marano wedding 12

Shaun Proulx and Patrick Marano wedding 1

Shaun Proulx and Patrick Marano wedding 10

Shaun Proulx and Patrick Marano wedding 09

Shaun Proulx and Patrick Marano wedding 15

Shaun Proulx and Patrick Marano wedding 04

Shaun Proulx and Patrick Marano wedding 06

Shaun Proulx and Patrick Marano wedding 13

Shaun Proulx and Patrick Marano wedding 07

Shaun Proulx and Patrick Marano wedding 08


Anita & Richard’s colour filled wedding celebrations

It is always challenging to narrow down hundreds of images to just a few that would best represent the feel of such intense and vibrant moments going on over two consecutive days.
Anita and Richard chose to first celebrate in an authentic Hindu style with a beautiful, symbolism infused ceremony the first day. What a joy to watch and partake! Anita looked like an Indian Goddess while Richard, even though Italian, was extremely handsome in his Indian attire when he made his grand entrance on Lightening, a gorgeous white horse. What joyous moments, the rythms of the drums were intoxicating, the dancing going around-extremely inviting. All in all, exhilarating! After being greeted by Anita’s mom, Richard proceeded for the Mandap where he waited for his stunning bride for their Hindu ceremony.
Next day they exchanged their vows in a downtown Toronto church and then we were all headed for some fun photos and of course, the reception later on.

The photos below coupled with the photo booth ones I already posted should easily give an idea of the amount of fun that went on reception night.
Anita and Richard just returned from a great honeymoon in Africa and I hope these images will help them relive some of their greatest moments marking a new, exciting journey together. Congratulations! Manuela

Mehndi photo 01

Mehndi photos 02

Indian bride photo 01

Indian groom photo 01

Toronto Indian wedding 01

Indian wedding photo 01

Hindu ceremony details

Toronto Hindu ceremony 02

Indian bride and bridesmaids 01

Indian bride and groom 01

Indian bride and groom in Rolls Royce

Toronto wedding photos 01

Osgoode Hall wedding photos

Toronto bridal portrait

Toronto creative wedding photos 01

Toronto wedding photos

Toronto wedding photographer 01

Lionhead Golf Club


Indian wedding photos 02

Toronto wedding reception photos 01

Lionhead wedding reception 01


Anita and Richard’s photo booth: a riot!

I am beginning with the end of a wonderful series of celebrations around Anita and Richard’s wedding.
They wanted to have a fun photo booth at their reception so that guests could really enjoy themselves in front of the camera. The result is a collection of colourful, super playful and sometimes goofy images that I am sure will bring smiles on everyone’s faces.

I will be back soon with the photo story of their wedding. Enjoy! Manuela

Photo booth 01

Photo booth 02

Photo booth 04

Photobooth 03


Sarah and Andrew’s wedding: an emotion filled celebration

Sarah moved to New York to study physiotherapy. This is how she met Andrew. They decided to celebrate their union in Toronto with their family members and friends. A few days only after my return from my great European travels I was still in a dreamy mode but I knew I was going to enjoy my summer in Toronto. And this great wedding was simply the best way to get back into the groove. That July day was beautiful, with sunshine and bright greens everywhere. Such a promise for a beautiful season we have all enjoyed this year. I had a lot of fun photographing Sarah and Andrew, not to mention how much I enjoyed the fantastic Mojitos made during their cocktail hour in Edwards Gardens. I get very thirsty looking at the photos :)

Sarah and Andrew, may your life together be filled with sweet elixirs and fantastic moments spent over the years to come!













Edwards Gardens photos 01

Edwards Gardens wedding photos 04

Toronto Edwards Gardens photos 02

Edwards Gardens wedding 04

Toronto Edwards Gardens wedding photos 02

Edwards Gardens Toronto weding 05



Edwards Gardens wedding 02

Edwards Gardens wedding reception 01