An Indian flavored engagement party at the Avani Restaurant

Anita and Richard pleasantly surprised me when they mentioned the chosen location for their engagement party. I have previously photographed the savory dishes at the fantastic Avani Restaurant Bistro while sampling some of their mouth watering food. The chefs there are true artists and have a high ability to mix flavors with delightful results. Their menu is a creative blend of South Asian tastes.
I highly recommend the culinary experience!
Being there one more time for this lovely couple felt like coming back to see friends.
There was a small ceremony for Anita and Richard with welcoming gifts from family members on both sides.
More colourful celebrations to come this summer. I very much look forward to partaking and capturing while surely having lots of fun!

Avani restaurant bistro 01

Toronto engagement party 02

Toronto engagements 01

Toronto engagement party 01

Avani restaurant engagement part 03

Avani restaurant engagegement party 05

Avani restaurant engagement party 03

Avani restaurant engagement party 04

Avani restaurant engagement party 02

Avani restaurant engagement party 05

Avani restaurant engagement party 01

Engagement party Toronto 03

Avani restaurant engagement party 06


Engagement photo journals: Churchill Park in winter

I will start this blog in a slightly different manner today: it is my mother’s birthday, my father’s was yesterday. Coincidentally, whenever they come to visit me here in Toronto, they love chilling in Churchill Park. So I dedicate this blog to them with deep gratitude for their constant support and encouragement.

I somehow keep on going back to shoot in this park I truly love. Jennifer grew up in the area and was very familiar with this spot. Therefore, she was very excited about taking some nice winter engagement photos there. Lovely! We truly lucked out that day in February, as the temperatures were quite mild making for the snow to melt all over the city. But Churchill Park still had plenty. The ‘milky’ type of atmosphere generously offered the most desirable kind of light: even, muted, so easy to shoot in.
Jenn and Chris are so very easy going, playful, simply enjoying each other, therefore a breeze to capture.
Their wedding is quickly coming up this April, so I look forward to spending some more time with them as I surely will enjoy myself.

Dear Jennifer and Chris, I shall see you very soon! Hug, Manuela.

Churchill Park photos 01

Churchill Park Toronto 02

Churchill Park Toronto 01

Churchill Park Photos 07

Churchill Park photos 05

Churchill Park engagement photos 01


Engagement photos Toronto 01

Churchill Park photos 06


Trash the dress with Mona in Punta Cana

The very first person who knew about the potential chosen spot for Mona and Emon’s post wedding photo adventure was my dad. This past December I was back home in Romania. One relaxed evening we were sitting beside each other, him doing his Sudoku and myself researching cool spots in the Punta Cana area. This is how I discovered Altos de Chavon. I showed my dad photos of it and he said to me: I really hope you make it there, it looks breathtaking! I brought the idea up with Mona and Emon while being a bit nervous about it. Because I knew it would take time and effort to get there especially the day after their wedding. I can’t say how excited I was when they decided to go for it! I knew this was going to be a memorable journey. Altos de Chavon is a replica of a Mediterranean village, built on a cliff and looking down to the Chavon river. To those interested, this is a private property and one has to pay quite a lot to get to take photos. We did not know how much until we got to the gate! The journey to this dreamy place was also rich in surprises as we got to stop in a sugar cane field, by typical Dominican homes and last but not least, we caught an unbelievable sunset which Mona and Emon got to enjoy while stepping into the ocean.
The images below are a colourful record of our adventures that day. One thing I love about editing the photos I take is that, while looking at each one of them, I get transported back and relive each single second.

Mona and Emon, I know how tired you were that morning when we started our journey, therefore thank you for being willing to go for it!
I trust you will look at these images and smile to yourselves while recalling many of those great moments we had together. Hugs, Manuela

Trash the dress Punta Cana 01

Trash the dress Punta Cana 05

Trash the dress Punta Cana 07

Trash the dress Punta Cana 06

Trash the dress Punta Cana 03

Trash the dress Altos de Chavon 01

Trash the dress Altos de Chavon 02

Trash the dress Altos de Chavon 03

Altos de Chavon photos 03

Trash the dress Altos de Chavon 04

Trash the dress Altos de Chavon 06

Trash the dress Altos de Chavon 09

Trash the dress Altos de Chavon 08

Trash the dress Altos de Chavon 07

Trash the dress Punta Cana 19

Trash the dress Punta Cana 20

Trash the dress Punta Cana 08

Trash the dress Punta Cana 10

Trash the dress Punta Cana 14

Trash the dress Punta Cana 15