Toronto elegant wedding at Sassfraz in Yorkville

There are so many things that I absolutely loved about Lisa and Jeremy’s wedding…I do not even know which one to mention first. I recall the great feeling I had while walking back home that warm September night (yes, isn’t that great!) and not being able to identify the slightest sign of fatigue after having worked all day. Because it did not feel like that. Contrary, all moments have unfolded in a light, almost refreshing manner, as they should. Looking back, I know it was all in the energy surrounding this amazing couple.
They could not have chosen a better setting for their day. The urban atmosphere was the best fit for their style and personalities. Their wedding was intimate, shared with family members and very close friends. The ceremony & reception location was absolutely splendid: Yorkville’s Sassafraz, a delightful venue I love returning to. This gem amazes me with its simple elegance and the professionalism of a warm, welcoming and dedicated event organizing team.

I hope the images below give you a taste of a fabulous day spent with two of the loveliest people to be around.
Lisa & Jeremy, I am wishing you all the very best in your new life! Sincerely, Manuela

Groom getting ready

Elegant groom

Groom downtown Toronto

Elegant bride Toronto

Bride at the Intercontinental Hotel

Elegant wedding Intercontinental

Bride and groom at Intercontinental hotel

Bride and groom Intercontinental Toronto

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Toronto Sassafraz wedding reception details

Sassafraz wedding first dance

Toronto Sassafraz wedding


Proposal at the Scarborough Bluffs

People are destined to meet each other for sure…and some stories stand out. It is Sura and Saif’s case. Originally from Iraq, she lives in Toronto and he lives in London UK. For now.
A couple of years ago, they both went to NYC for different reasons. And crossed paths. And then parted ways again. But kept in touch as friends for a while…until the conversations became more serious. And Saif hopped on a plane to visit Sura in Toronto. It all unfolded beautifully from there.
This past August he decided to visit again with a new intention: to propose! So here they are at the lovely Scarborough Bluffs. Saif meticulously arranged everything and surprised his lovely lady on all levels. It was fabulous to share their precious experience!

Sura and Saifd, thank you for making me a part of such an important moment in your lives. All the best to both of you! Sincerely, Manuela.

Proposal photography

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Family photography in Toronto

I love creating unique, playful visual records of family life. I adore capturing children’s innocence. Letting them be, so their beautiful souls can reveal themselves effortlessly. What a joy to be around them!

Elina is a wonderful 2 yrs old little girl. I loved spending time with her, following her around, watching her play. At the end, I felt rejuvenated. Not to mention how amazing it was to get a big hug from her…a gesture that warmed me up inside and reminded me of how fortunate I am for the chance of telling such lovely stories.

Many thanks to Elina’s parents Deepeka and Karna for allowing me to be around their gorgeous, young family.
They are expecting, so I am sure little Elina will have a lot of fun with her new sibling in just a few months.

E&D&K: hope to see you again soon! Best, Manuela.

Toronto family photographer

Toronto family photography

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Toronto child photography

Toronto child photographer

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Family photography





Elegant wedding at the Hart House, Toronto

Weddings at the Hart House in Toronto are always a delight to capture. I am so taken with this historic venue’s stunning, charming architecture, the unlimited creative possibilities, the light coming through magnificent, stained glass windows.
A place of great elegance and a photographer’s dream.
Needless to say I am thrilled for every chance I have to go back to this true downtown Toronto landmark and see what else is there to discover, what new corner I have left unexplored. Every single experience is unique.

I was, therefore, very happy to learn that Madeleine and Dagomar chose this location for their celebrations. Everything took place under one roof, which made for a very relaxed day. The weather has also been impeccable.

One more time, I was taken with the talent of the Hart House’s wedding organizing team. I also have to mention the creative kitchen staff and the in house chef, who always surprise me with their culinary art. Beautiful!

M+D: may this perfect day be just the beginning of many more joyous ones spent together. Congratulations and it will be my pleasure to see you again in the future to create more family memories! Yours, Manuela.

Bridesmaids at the Hart House

Bride at Hart House

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Wedding ceremony at the Hart House

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Hart House Music Room wedding reception

Music Room Wedding reception

Hart House wedding first dance

Hart House wedding photography





Toronto engagement photos in High Park

Lisa and Jeremy are to be married beginning of September…coming soon! They love High Park…I do, too…very much so…and I see it with fresh eyes each time.
A month ago we met there and spent a lovely couple of hours walking around, enjoying the warm afternoon light, strolling on lovely alleys above which old trees have formed natural, thick arches…a lovely creative warmup preceding this lovely couple’s nuptials during which I am confident I will have an equally fantastic time!

L+J: see you very soon! Yours truly.

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High Park engagement photos

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Downtown Toronto colourful engagement shoot

Here is a glimpse into a lovely engagement photo shoot I had the pleasure to experience with a fun couple: Irina and George, to be married this fall.
We lucked out on the weather that evening, the light was perfect: warm and rich, making all colours pop. We walked around the St Lawrence Market area and had a lot of fun stopping here and there, making use of some fabulous backdrops.
Very inspiring!

I&G, I look forward to seeing you again and spending more time together in your big day! Hugs, Manuela

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An adorable baby girl: 11 months old Lyla

As a photographer, I have the privilege to capture beautiful life stories. Many times my wedding clients call me to let me know that they are expecting their first child. It is fantastic to see families grow and have the opportunity to create visual journals for them to enjoy for a lifetime.
Mona and Emon had a fabulous destination wedding 3 years ago. After having spent a week with them in Punta Cana, our connection has developed and we have remained in touch. It was with great joy to find out that they had a beautiful baby girl they named Lyla.
I recently met Mona so we could catch up with each other’s lives while sipping cold drinks on a patio. Baby Lyla was a delight to have with us: happy, playful, all smiles! She even attempted to do a little Persian dance for me, under her mommy’s  choreographic supervision.
I will let these images speak for themselves. I look forward to seeing Lyla again soon and capture some more memories for her and her lovely family.

Hugs, Manuela.


Baby photography Toronto

Baby photos Toronto

Baby photographer

Baby girl photos Toronto

Toronto baby photographer

Toronto baby photography





Engagement photo shoot with Madeleine and Dagomar

Madeleine and Dagomar are getting married in a bit over one month. As with many of my wedding clients, we meet before hand and spend some fun time together, strolling around the city and taking photos. This is a tremendously important experience preceding the big day, as we get to know each other better, they learn to relax in front of my lens while I get to better understand the way they are as a couple. It is overall a pleasant warm up which leads to a newly established level of comfort on both sides.

M&D, I look forward to seeing you again this August! Yours, Manuela.

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Toronto engagement photographer

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Baby photography with 6 months old Lily

Hanna and Matthew had a gorgeous wedding in the summer of 2011. A bit over two years later, baby Lily was born.
It is always an immense pleasure to see my clients’ families grow and a true privilege to be there for them and capture their beautiful life stories. I was thrilled when Lily’s parents contacted me to give me their news and book a photo session.
Meeting baby Lily was a lot of fun. She is a gorgeous red headed girl with a wonderful personality. Her face lights up when she smiles and she is a joy to have in front of the lens.

Hanna & Matthew: congratulations again on your new, lovely family. Enjoy each other for many years to come and hope to see you again soon! Hugs, Manuela.

Toronto baby photographer copy

Toronto baby photography

Toronto baby photographer

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Family photographer Toronto

Toronto family photography



Engagement photo shoot downtown Toronto

Amanda and Fady met in Egypt a few years ago. While Fady and his family live in Toronto, Amanda was traveling from London, UK. They are now planning to build their life together in Canada. So exciting!
During one of Amanda’s visits, they wanted to take photographs downtown Toronto, as they both love the urban landscape. We opted for the City Hal area, with its beautiful architecture and great geometry which is always so fun to play with.
Sweet and very laid back (not to mention beautiful and extremely photogenic!), they were a delight to be around. In spite a few rain drops, the weather decided to cooperate that April afternoon and we happily carried on with our little creative project.

Enjoy the images below!

Toronto engagement photos

Engagement photos at City Hall Toronto

Toronto City Hall photos

Toronto City Hall photography

Toronto downtown engagement photos

City Hall Toronto engagement photos

Engagement photos Toronto

Downtown Toronto engagement photos

Toronto engagement

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